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Recurring Task Management

Communicate Expectations and Monitor Progress to Ensure Accountability

Clearly communicating expectations and objectives, and following up to see that action items have been completed, is at the core of managing a top-performing team. Our recurring task management function keeps critical action items and due dates visible and task owners on-track.

•  Increase organization, efficiency and productivity for everyone on your team.

•  Assign trackable tasks and due dates to employees.

•  Set automated system reminders for task owners and for managerial monitoring.

•  Employees see new tasks and tasks in-progress when clocking in each morning.

•  Checking off tasks as complete creates records of specific accomplishments.

•  Create templates for recurring tasks or to give multiple employees similar task lists.

•  Communicate with your team members individually or as a group.

•  Task completion statistics available at review time.


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