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"I have used HR for Health since 2011. As a business owner, there is a constant threat of employees filing false or unfounded claims against the employer for various reasons with financial consequences to the business and owners. I have owned and operated a Veterinary Hospital for 28 years with minimal legal employment issues up until the last several years. Just in the last year, I have had two claims filed by two separate ex-employees with the Nevada Labor Commission making false accusations. As a business owner, I felt as if I was guilty until I could prove my innocence.

HR for Health was very helpful in providing the needed information and signed documentation in detail, so I could defend our cases with the Labor Commission and prove that the business did not violate any labor laws or employee rights. Both cases were overruled and dismissed."

Brad Lingenfelter, DVM
A Plus Animal Hospital
Reno, NV

"I don't view HR for Health as a company that I do business with, they are much more. HR for health is a partner in my business, as essential as any key staff member. They are happy to help me customize the system for my particular needs and preferences rather than get me to conform to a 'one size fits all' mentality.

School prepared me to be a doctor, but nothing prepared me to be an HR expert. Before HR for Health I didn't know what I didn't know - and that could have gotten me into lots of trouble. Now I feel comfortable knowing HR for Health is keeping me up to date and in compliance while I focus my attention on taking care of my patients. Thank you all for everything!"

Aaron Werner, OD
Werner Optometry
San Diego, CA

"Before HR for Health, I never knew I needed my employees to sign 12 documents on their first day of work and I definitely did not know where to get all those documents. My employee handbook had not been truly updated in years and I pretty much guessed on how to handle employee issues.

As a dental practice owner, one of the biggest challenges we face is minimizing labor law risk. I felt completely lost when it came to the HR regulations and guidelines to follow. I didn't realize how important it was to have an HR Expert as part of my personal team in addition to my lawyer and my accountant.

HR for Health not only made me compliant immediately, but they also notify me of state law changes to keep me compliant. If I have an HR question, there is a team I can call to make sure I am covered with how I handle situations. All my employee documents are paperless in my HR for Health portal, and I can now be sure they are always up to date. I absolutely love their digital portal and they always make sure I am taking the right steps to protect myself and my business. They are by far the BEST decision I have made as a business owner when it comes to staying compliant!

Thanks to HR for Health, I finally have peace of mind and I now can focus on what I love: dentistry."

Brian Toorani, DDS
Dental Oasis of Orange County
Orange County, CA

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